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Plataforma Xbox 360
Desarrollador Rare Ltd.
Editor Microsoft Game Studios
Comenta Banjo-Kazooie en su foro
En catálogo desde 8 octubre de 2008 a las 13:20
Retrocompatibilidad Banjo-Kazooie Más info

Banjo-Kazooie es retrocompatible en Xbox One
Banjo-Kazooie es retrocompatible en Xbox One
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12 logros con un total de 200 .


It doesn't matter which two, just successfully collect any two Jiggies.


Get yourself transformed by Mumbo Jumbo for the first time. Now that's magic!


Come out on top in a dust-up with Nipper the crab. Watch out, he's called Nipper for a reason.


Liberate Clanker, Gruntilda's rusty and recalcitrant garbage grinder.


They're red and no less than 30 of them need chomping. Nuff said.


Discover and master all Banjo's moves? and Kazooie's? but nobody else's. Unless you insist.


Collect all 24 of the extra honeycomb pieces. Yes! Every single one! It's character-building.


Complete Grunty's Furnace Fun quiz show and win the Star Prize. Been paying attention?


Fear the Jinjonator. If you're a witch, that is. The Jinjonator lays the smack down on witches.


Bet you thought jigsaws were boring! Bottles disagrees, and has seven of them to be solved.


Bump into Grunty's disowned spellbook three times as it hops around the place dishing out cheats.


There are 900 musical notes out there in the world of Banjo-Kazooie. Real gamers collect them all...